Friday, 31 October 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008



不管人到哪里,这只 “魔鬼” 就跟到哪。考试的时候,眼见简单的问题近在几尺,却无法把它给完成!遗憾 “魔鬼” 就这样产生,然后借着 “时间刀” 毫不留情地把你给 “宰” 了,双手完全不沾到一滴血。

那时候,由于时间紧迫的关系,我再怎么快,再怎么 “身手灵活” ,剩下区区的五分钟还能多做什么?




Friday, 17 October 2008

Seeking For The Meaning Of Integrity

At first I'm so reluctant to bring back my report book.

I don't wish to see my "beautiful" results presented in front of me, which supposedly will follow me for the rest of my life. To be honest, I detest it!

But after by means of "unexpected elements", I've decided to keep it. Well what's done is done, it's either excellent or lousy.

The results didn't even shock me at all, probably because I've already predicted how well I've fared for this prelim.

What surprised me was the comments at the bottom of the result slip. At the last sentence, my form teacher wrote "Well done, Jie Feng". ARE YOU FREAKING SURE?! Being the owner of the grades ranging from grade A1 to F9 (except Bs), it's embarrassing enough for me to even think that the results I've attained were considered "well done".

It sounds more like sarcasm instead of encouragement.

Furthermore, the comment for a "friend" of mine named *Bowel (not real name) was that he has loads of friends, humble. First thought that came into my mine was, WTF?! Absolutely fake! I don't see any of that as stated in the statement. Of course, I'm going to disagree this statement to the core! Such comment definitely wasn't an act of integrity by the commenter.

Isn't what the school want from us students - INTEGRITY?! Since the true results were clearly shown, why not do the same to the comments?

Just hope that I didn't believe the wrong thing.