Monday, 29 December 2008

Reminiscences Of Our Class Spirit

I remember when I first stepped into "School Of Choice", I was a nobody and a complete stranger to people around me.

Stairway to Heaven.

During my first year in Class 1E2, the person who sit right beside me and also the first person that I talked to was Haziq. Standing in front of the class was my fearsome form teacher Mr Neo, having high expectations on us.

As days went by, I'm getting used to the class, befriending my classmates at the same time. Being the most glorious year in my school life, we as the whole class has achieved much more than what people didn't really expect.

Basketball Court, the cradle of my hatred towards Basketball CCA.

1E2 dominates the whole ACES Day Challenge and became the overall champion, and achieved second in Level during the school's annual Sports Day. At that point of time, I was thinking that perhaps...1E2 has created a great history for themselves!

Sometimes, we can only depend on ourselves.

But all good things have to come to an end, so we moved on to the second year - Class 2E2. It's time for streaming year! Our teachers gonna be nasty with us because it determines our future...

The D&T folio room was demolished, ready to welcome us with its new look!

Mr Neo got stricter with our D&T folios and Mdm Tan ended up super-duper flared-up when almost the whole class were in their own conversations. To us, studying with friends and having fun at the same time is still the top priority. XP

A pathway that I walked countless times...

As for the class spirit, it's always there. We get to go class outings, class excursions and doing projects in groups. How I wish the time stopped here. But of course it'll never come true. When streaming year is involved, I've to accept the fact that everyone will be promoted to Secondary 3. Yes, that means separation.

My third year class, 3E3!

Life in Secondary 3 was a totally different story. Facing new people, I was like "who da hell was that?" Everything have to start all over again...

Sing to the dawn! No I'm not referring to the book.

But of course, good things still happen. :)

Who cares?

Secondary 4 was about the same as 3. It's only when O Level is near, it simply tell us that the day of separation has arrived once again...

WGS = Woodgrove Secondary School Where Geese Soar.

Whether will we meet again next time, it's up to us to decide. Or perhaps fate has already done the job for us, who knows?

Friday, 26 December 2008

The New Generation Of Bookshop

Perhaps because of the recent economic crisis, my real boss has gone crazy.

Want to eat the oneself to grow?! What a wonderful sentence!

He intend to sell what you are seeing right now in our school bookshop!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas In MapleStory

Here are some screenshots that I've taken at HappyVille!

Ice chair. It'!

Have you ever seen grass growing on ice sculpture?

I tried my best to decorate a Christmas tree...

Obviously is me.

I transformed into a robot cat!

Baby dragon!

Now I'm a Husky! Wish I can own that TMA 186 CLEAN Green Turtle Staff!

Mini-sized snowman.

Should be easy to spot me! XP

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Bears Having "Fun"

Again I've found something interesting to share.

"Hurry up! Time is running out! Get into the classroom now before I kick your arse!"

At the void deck of Block 609 HDB Woodlands, you'll definitely see a painted picture showing bears either going to school or having fun with their friends.

From far, the picture looks awesome with all the different colours painted on it and there seems nothing wrong with it.

"Oi! You this orange bear, can you be more skilful and don't step on the rope?!"

But then, something extremely epic caught my attention.

WHAT?! What exactly are they doing?! They obviously went overboard! Holy shit, how come there's a piece of black chunk over there?!

That's from my point of view. But honestly, the first thing that came into my mind when I saw this picture was...*cough*

What's the first thing that came into your mind when you see this picture? Is it the same as what I'm thinking? XD

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Ishida, What's Wrong With You?

Something weird and ridiculous happened in one of my favorite PSP games, Bleach: Heat the Soul 4.

During the game, it's pretty common to see one or two Bleach characters dressed unusually. However when it comes to Ishida, things started to go out of hand.

As you know, Ishida usually wear all white.

Sometimes, the game itself will automatically changed his outfit to black and white (at least there's a bit of white).

But THIS?! WHAT THE...?! Why is he wearing like a clown? Worse, with a GREEN CAPE?! Obviously his clothing was mismatched!

By the way, who would wear THAT during a battle?!

Monday, 1 December 2008

JJ Lin & Energy @ BookFest Singapore 2008

Other than Anime Festival Asia 2008, SQ and I chanced upon this BookFest@Singapore organised by Popular.

We aren't aware of this event at all as our minds were all over the Anime Festival instead. However, the festival was JUST TOO POPULAR! We had a hard time walking from point to point, unable to admire the figurines fully, unable to play any arcade games, failed to eat anything at the buffet because the food was finished at an unbelievable speed, unable find a seat for some important events and can't see clearly how smooth May'n skin is!

Which I think was really a waste.

Thus at that time, we decided to head back home first and come back the next day. We attended May'n live concert and it was awesome!

That's when we found out about the BookFest. The human traffic didn't lose out to the festival at all, and the whole of BookFest area was ridiculously twice the size of the Festival's exhibiting area!

Anyway, the moment we went in we saw JJ Lin Jun Jie promoting his new released album Sixology!

One lucky gal get the chance to sing 小酒窝 with JJ. What a pleasant nice song. :)

Other than the appearance of JJ, there's Energy too!

Getting to see artistes in person and experienced new stuff, I felt that my Suntec trip this time was totally worth it. ^^