Thursday, 12 March 2009

Today, mrchoytraveller Turns One!

Hurray! My blog has finally crossed the 1 year barrier!

Now I shall write something about how my blog was born!

Everything started when a friend of mine introduced Blogger to me and encouraged me to start a blog.

At the beginning, I thought that creating an own personal blog was a tough matter. But then I realised, maintaining a blog and be a unique one was even tougher! I met obstacles when trying to keep my blog "alive" because most of the time I've no idea what to write!

There are times whereby I really wanted to give up this blog. As you can see, I can't write entries that impressed others due to my poor English standard. I kept trying, but failed eventually.

But I never once give up. Until now, I still write posts in English (although there were some written in Chinese) because I know, English is not something that I can master within one night...

I'm glad I didn't give up my blog because it has now become a part of my life.

Because of blogging, I discovered my interest towards photography.

Because of blogging, I know what are my aims in life.

Because of blogging, I truly understand more about myself.



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