Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Right now, 2009 is history.

It's time to get over the past and move on to yet another brand new year, 2010!

It's a rather happening year.

To me, 2009 was considered as a year of memories. From receiving the results of my O Level to now, venturing into the life of Poly! Come to think of it, it's already 8 months in SP! 8 months! How time flies seriously...

In the meantime, I'll never forget the endless torments while going through this process, it's like waking up from a dream and entering a new nightmare! It's a wonder for me to come this far. Thank goodness I'm used to the life as it is now.

Before my life in SP begin, I took part in SP Flag Day! Carrying a donation can hoping passer-by could feed any amount to it. Now I understood the hardships in doing that. :(

I met Wei Qin, my first friend in SP! Somehow I really get along with him. Chatting with him is alot more ease and fun than the others.

Together with my fellow peers, we went to Yakult factory! Our first trip as a class, reminds me of secondary school excursions in the past. ;)

For every assignments in school, I did my best. There seems to have this "invisible force" pushing me to my limits. During tutorials, I'm not in a stress-free classroom anymore, but on a competitive platform. 'I wanna beat my classmates', 'I wanna be the first one to complete this damn Math tutorial' etc...all this sort of things that goes around in my head. Yeah, I really want to achieve good grades for all my modules. Of course, difficulties will always be there to obstruct my way towards success. :'(

Haiz...if only this "force" appears during O Levels period. :'(

Since I'm striving for good academic results, I might as well go all out and include CCA! That's right, CCA. Oh, that's the term for secondary school. Now is alot cooler - Club. I set my vision far and high and joined 2 Clubs and went for their camps - Photography Club and Cyclists Club.

So far I've went for 4 Photography Club outings - Chinatown, Botanic Gardens, Haji Lane and HortPark. It's very free and easy, just simply enjoy the fun! ^^

This is the reason why I joined Cyclists Club. I get to cycle overnight in long distances with planned routes! I almost thought I'm a backpack traveller with a bike! Haha, it's all about free and easy. ^^

Alright enough, here's my results for 1A Mid-Semester Test and 1A Semester Exam. And yet I worked so hard... :'(

There has been too many changes taking place since the year 2009, kinda disappointing... :'(

I believe 2009 is a crucial year of letting go and moving on to the next level. But it's easier said than done, saying that I never once miss the past 4 years at "School Of Choice"? That's definitely a lie!

Oh my, what am I doing?! I just said to let go of the past and now I've started reminiscing again. Epic fail *lol*!

Anyway, since it's the year 2010, then I shall list down 10 New Year's resolutions!

  1. Complete what I'm supposed to complete for the past few months, which I left them out due to my laziness.
  2. And of course, curb my lazy habit!
  3. Get my first and last DSLR, most probably would be Canon 500D. After that, get my foundation right and no Auto anymore!
  4. Hopefully more happiness and less torment!
  5. Exercise some self-control!
  6. Good results!
  7. NO presentations please, I sincerely beg! :'(
  8. Read New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and Giddens novels!
  9. BF 碧碧天使 get over with him*! :)
  10. Last but not least, a very standard resolution, all's well for my family and friends! :)

Happy New Year! ^_^




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