Sunday, 14 February 2010


所谓 ‘家家有本难念的经’ ,越是 “难念” ,问题就越棘手。



但对我而言,吃不吃团圆饭都无所谓,我似乎不珍惜这节日的可贵。因为这节日意味着长年以来 “你推我推” 的问题即将聚集在一起。。。


这些问题总是很多,越演越烈,就像个定时炸弹一样随时会引爆。我虽然只是一位旁观者,却也为了这颗 “定时炸弹” 而胆战心惊。



Thursday, 11 February 2010

OC Individual Presentation

I hate presentation as much as I hate presenting this topic.

What's more, an INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION?! It's like telling me to... *speechless*

I managed to get it over and done with, but I rather not having the need to present in the first place. To me, presentation is neither a want nor a need.

Just how many dolphins are out there waiting to be killed? Please, stop these inhumane massive massacre!

Monday, 8 February 2010

GEM Assignment 3

This time round, also known as the final round, we're told to do a Photo Essay!

My first reaction after hearing the announcement was...OMGWTFBBQ! This assignment is the bomb, it's even harder than the previous 2 assignments.

Heck, I got to complete it no matter what. After brainstorming and cracked my head not once but countless times, I finally found an expandable topic : Shadow!

Shadows are everywhere and most likely the easiest of all, what's more I have the upper hand here since sunny Singapore is backing me up. ;)



  • The theme that I have chosen is Loneliness.
  • It was about a fictional character named Shadow going out alone exploring the outside world. However, things just aren't going as planned.
  • Basically, they are shots of subjects that portrayed their shadows under the blazing hot sun.
  • I find it really interesting shooting shadows with the real body as they allow me to look at things from a different perspective.
  • Most of the photos are in black and white, which I believe is necessary when the theme is Loneliness.
  • Composition skills such as Rule of Thirds, Lines and Rhythm were used.

Shadow put his beloved potted plant near the sunlight before leaving his home...

Shadow left his home and walked across an empty pathway...

Shadow climbed an empty stairs...

Shadow walked through an empty bridge...

Shadow saw some beautiful plants, but still he felt that nothing beat his beloved potted plant...

Shadow stood under the shelter but it was kind of small for him...

Shadow wants to ride that blue bike but it was locked up...

Shadow wants to play in the pool but was forbidden to do so...

Shadow wants to play a game of basketball but there wasn't anyone to play with...

Shadow went back home feeling exhausted and disappointed, that's when he realised his beloved potted plant was gone, leaving behind a withered leaf...