Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

2010 was tiring, but exciting! It was a fulfilling year. ;)

First of all, and the most important of all, I got my life's first DSLR!!! It's incredible and felt so unreal when I hold it in my hands! I'm actually owning a DSLR. *shy*

I tried shooting everyday stuffs such as Drip Drop and 6 Seconds. Well I always see pictures like that on the internet, and now that I make it happen by applying the techniques myself. Oh yeah the happiness of DIY. :)

Armed with a DSLR, I went to a few shooting locations like Universal Studios Singapore and Jurong Gardens.

Secondly, I started working. On top of schooling. Mon-Fri I'll be studying in school, and Sat-Sun I'm working at Universal Studios Singapore. That simply means no more slacking on weekends, which is why it isn't easy and honestly, it's pretty hectic as well. But I'm glad I'm able to meet alot of people there and forge a bond with them, so much that I'm feeling even more disinterested in my poly life.

Ever since I started working, I've stopped taking allowance from my parents. Somehow it feels good to earn your own living and at the same time, able to finally buy the things that you've wanted donkey years ago! With that in mind, I began an expensive hobby - Anime Figurines Collection! They're not just mere plastic models, they look soooo good when displayed together! I bought my first figurine at AFAX and ordered a few more online, there's no stopping now!

Not very important but it's definitely something, I've finally reached 30000 fames for my MapleStory character ButsyBo0m! That took me around 5 years guys, freaking 5 years! XD

The family ties on my Papa's side stays the same, and it seems like it's gotten worse. Somewhere something must have went wrong, resulting in this enmity between them. I believe that's just the way of life... *sigh*

People, have a great year ahead and all the best to you all!

Happy New Year! ^_^




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