Saturday, 26 February 2011

Universal Studios Singapore

Remember last year when it was the soft opening and only 3 regions were opened free for public? This time round, once again thanks to our dearest Ah Yi, we get to visit USS as a whole!

It was a bright and sunny morning when my mom, my bro and I reached Sentosa. Before meeting up with Ah Yi, the 3 of us stroll along the walkway, accompanied by the beautiful scenery. I've been here for god-knows how many times (I'm working part-time in USS), so calling Sentosa my 2nd home wasn't far-fetch at all. I'm glad to be able to come here with my family, enjoying this very moment and showing them around.

Photo with Winnie Woodpecker!

Photo with Po the Kung Fu Panda!

We first arrived at the Hollywood region and was welcomed by popular and iconic mascots!

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure coming soon!

Merry-go-round Madagascar-style! AKA King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round

Up next was the Madagascar region, join the crew and dance along with their quirky music! I like to move it move it!

And here we are, at Far Far Away. Queued for the Shrek 4-D Adventure, and was totally awe by it! The dragon fireballs were so close in hitting us, and Donkey sneezes at us with water squirts! We also went for a ride at the Enchanted Airways, it's meant for junior riders so it's a pretty relaxing ride. :)

And then we went to catch an action show at the WaterWorld!

How is an experience in USS complete without The Lost World? I LOVE the Canopy Flyer, it's a swift ride at the top of "Jurassic Park", as though you were flying with no boundaries. There's a small Dino merry-go-round (Dino-Soarin) meant for children, but we gave it a shot anyway since none of us dare to try the famous Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

My favourite ride goes to Revenge of the Mummy! It's an indoor dropping roller coaster in total darkness, it was so fast that I can hardly breathe! I'm already itching for more the moment I got out so I ditched my family for a moment and became a solo rider for my 2nd round! There's also an excavation ride called the Treasure Hunters.

The yellow "tea-pot" Accelerator

The main attraction of USS was none other than the dual roller coaster Battlestar Galactica. No matter which side you're going, be it CYLON or HUMAN, they're equally frightening! It's a pity this time we didn't build up enough courage to give it a try, but no worries as I heard new attractions are coming, so we'll definitely be back again! :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011



桌上有四颗球,分别的颜色有红、蓝、橙以及红白。这四颗球原本是摆在一起,但很突然地,有颗皮球犹如陨石般的威力撞向他们!就这样,这四颗球因为第五颗球 (皮球) 猛烈的撞击而被迫分散。。。


红色 : 怒火之红,拥有火爆个性,绝对抵抗到底

蓝色 : 天空之蓝,拥有梦幻思想,处于和平与战斗之间

橙色 : 橘子之橙,拥有刺激性质,只要下定决心就会极力去做

红白 : 红白两岸,有火爆的一面,却也抱着退一步海阔天空的信念

皮球 : 失去光泽的灰色,当年的风采已不在,只有被抛的份




Monday, 21 February 2011

Veils Of The Sky

"Clouds symbolize the veils that shroud God." -- Honore de Balzac


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