Tuesday, 22 November 2011

[Alter] Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls Sanada Yukimura Ver 2.0

[Alter] Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls Sanada Yukimura Ver 2.0

Manufacturer : Alter
Producer : Tanaka Touji + Aketagawa Noboru
Series : Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls
Material : PVC
Scale : 1/8
Height : 21 cm
Castoffability : No
Purchased From : ToyCoin
Purchased Price : SGD$140

I've done it again. I don't know who is she. A lovely lady indeed, but a total stranger nevertheless.

If they are pleasing to (my) the eyes, I don't see why I shouldn't add them to my collection. (But yet again, subject to approval by my dearest Mr. Wallet)

Overall = Display Purposes
Details = Photography Purposes

That's what I feel, don't you all think so? Of course, it'll definitely be better if you're a fan of that particular anime, or simply just wanna collect all your favourite characters.

After all, it isn't that hard to know an unknown-to-you character. ;)

Nice flawless sculpt with brilliant red, who doesn't like?

I just love that ancient-feel from Sanada. Even her hair clip...

Will never forget to take this shot. =P

The reason why I'm getting her partly was because of all these flowery prints around her robe and her head gear.

I wonder how she got herself an urban footwear...

So gonna watch this anime! ^^

Saturday, 12 November 2011

AFA11: The Loot

Once again I went to one of the most anticipated events of the year - Anime Festival Asia!

This year for me was slightly different. I didn't take any photos of any figurines or anything noteworthy in the event! This post will be purely just on my purchases (thus the title).

Ta-da! All my loots and free gifts in one shot.

One of my must-do in AFA is of course, visit MUSE booth! As we all know, they are always here every year to bring us really nice merchandises from various popular animes directly from Taiwan!

The staff at the MUSE booth was really patient with me, a guy who can't even decide between a size S or M for his tee. After much contemplating (and choosing) I spent $37 each for 2 tees - Thousand Sunny and Black Butler Sebastian!

Here's the deal, when you spent a certain amount in MUSE booth you are able to redeem free gifts! I spent a total of $74 and get to redeem a One Piece HUGE paper bag (just nice to put all my barang barang) and a cute Chopper-in-bottle keychain.

Setsuden - meaning 'saving electricity' in English

Next I proceed to Genesis Frontier booth and purchase a Anohana tee (by COSPA) for $45.90 and a blindpack Anohana rubber strap collection vol.2 for $8.90 (I got young Tsuruko!). I bought the rubber strap simply because to exceed $50 and will be entitled to a Menma sticker! XD

Afterwards I move on to Zaneeds booth where they were selling this unique Miku Merlion version poster for $10. :)

Toy Coin can badge.

KUJI Prize G blindbox and inside is...a kawaii Homura figure in her school uniform! :)

Last but not least, visited my most-patronised toy store - Toy Coin! I tried 1 ticket on their Madoka KUJI (in fact it's my virgin try on a KUJI, a sure-win lottery) and boohoo...didn't get any of the big prizes. :(

Alright peeps, I guess that's about all. Hope you enjoy the festival as much as I do and I'll see you in the next year! ^^


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