Friday, 12 September 2008

Preliminary Examinations

This time round, it doesn't matter whether I pass or fail, its a matter of how "well" I've done.

A-Math for example, I'm very certain people who failed badly (like me) will be "strongly encouraged" to be absent on the actual exam. Why? For "School of Choice" it has always been 100% pass for A-Math every year, so naturally how can "they" simply let us break the record this year? (Somehow, I would love to do so)

My blog is a platform for me to predict and analyse my results. The accuracy is found to be 99.99% accurate! (just joking)


P - I Pass!
F - High possibility of failing
P / F - Fate will decide whether I Pass or Fail
F / U - Sure fail, high percentage of getting U grade

Lets start with the Practical Test first. Physics came first for me, and honestly I did pretty badly. I don't understand, was it the voltmeter faulty or I'm the one faulty? I got 2 same readings for one of the results, which I later confirmed with the guys that it isn't possible to have same readings. WHAT?! Next was Chemistry, the observation was alright but explanation was a totally different story for me. F

English - Composition was okay, I managed to write 400+ words because previously I can't even break 350 words. For Letter Writing I got the format wrong. As for Comprehension, I've absolutely no comments. The last time for my English I either get borderline pass or fail by a margin, so... P / F

Social Studies - Looking forward to how many marks I will be getting because this is probably the first time I completed 2 essays! P / F

Design & Technology - If I pass, pigs will fly. F

Geography Elective - Last minute revision, on the spot hugging the Buddha's leg. F

Science Chemistry - Worst, opposite of what I studied. F

Science Physics - Even without the small fire incident, I can pass! P

E-Math - Not sure what will be the outcome, I mean the grade. P

A-Math - Seriously, good game. F / U



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