Monday, 24 November 2008


Singapore was the host for 2 days of Anime Festival Asia 2008.

It's the first ever in our little red dot. Held at the Suntec Convention Center, which was located at Suntec City Hall.

So CJ, SQ and I went for the first day of the Festival and was quite amazed by the crowds. We didn't expect that much people, so in the end waited for about 45mins in order to purchase the tickets...

The moment we entered, what welcomed us was a human-sized Gundam Exia!

The Anime Blockbusters showcase some of the most popular anime titles such as D.Gray-man!

In between the Festival, there were shows and prize presentation going on at the main stage. One of the shows were the showcase of the Power Rangers. Its been ages since I last watched the Power Ranger series.

Along with that was the Tamagotchi showcase.

More figurines and gundams exhibited...

Other than that, there were booths being set up selling exclusives from Bandai, Kotobukiya, Medicom Toy and more!

I wish I'm the owner of this Dragon Ball set!

While I was happily browsing all the figurines, a "live" Gundam walked past me! I panic and blurred the photo...

To sum up this great event, I bought myself a memorable small item - an Edamame toy which cost $6.95. :)


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