Saturday, 8 November 2008

Panties In Action

While I was browsing through Asiasoft Forums earlier on, I came across a thread that posts mainly on funny jokes!

Panties Joke 1
One day there was a girl and some boys beside an apple tree. The boys ask the girl to climb the apple tree to pick some apples for them, actually the boys wanted to see her underwear. Then, the girl's mother saw it. After they went back home, her mother told her not to climb again because the boys' intention was to see her underwear.

A few days later, the boys met the girl again. The boys ask her to go pick some apples again, this time her mother saw it again. After the boys left, her mom told her "How many times should I tell you! They want to see your underwear, why don't you listen to me?" But the girl replied "Mom, this time I'm cleverer, I never wear underwear."

Panties Joke 2
There is a girl walking up the stairs in a church one day.
As the Priest is walking by, he looks up and notices that this girl is not wearing any panties.

The Priest calls the girl and gives her $20 and says, "Little girl, take this money and buy yourself some panties. It's not proper to walk around without any panties on."

The girl goes home and gives the money to her mother and asks her mother to buy panties for her. When the mother asks where the girl got the money, the girl explained what happened.

Upon hearing how the girl got the money, the mother rushes to her room, whips off her panties, and puts on one of her shortest dresses and runs out to the church.

As soon as the mother sees the Priest coming, she begins to walk up the stairs. The Priest then notices the lady and calls her down.

The woman not wanting to show that she is expecting anything, walks back to the Priest very calmly.

The Priest hands the lady $1 and says...
"Lady, take this money and for God's sake, go buy yourself a razor!"



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