Friday, 9 January 2009

Bookshop 20

I experienced, realised and found out a total of 20 items while working in my school bookshop.

Perhaps only 4 out of 10 people are willing to accept a $3/hr pay job.

The attitude of some students SUCK BIG TIME.

A student scolded me idiot in chinese, which is 白痴! :'(

A few Secondary One students called me Uncle... :(

"School Of Choice" is an example of a "black market". Paid coffee for $5, Yearbook for $10, school planner for $3 and an undesirable Funfair for $50 (all compulsory for your info, aka 'forced'). Is there a need for a NEIGHBORHOOD school to go to such extent?!

Some teachers love playing politics, they can't be offended.

Some teachers borrowed money from the bookshop and never return it back. One of them owned up to a hundred dollars!

Can you believe a financially-assisted person whose parents owned a seven seater (Multi-Purpose-Vehicle)? What a ridiculous reality!

A parent once asked me, "Does this school give free shoe?"

It's my first time savoring every spoonful of food in the canteen during curriculum time, and wearing home clothing.

Heard stories about the darker side of the school and its office...

A particular D&T teacher lost his/her whole class D&T textbooks, worse thing is he/she never holds any responsibility to it!

I hate taking orders, it's such a fussing and time-wasting task.

Quite a number of students didn't support (they rather buy their textbooks from external outlets) the bookshop.

Increasing new teachers vs. decreasing experienced teachers.

The whole family turned up when only ONE person buying textbooks.

The staff room was extended in order to accumulate an increasing number of teachers.

I sat on the Vice-Principal chair. And I acted like one! XP

"School Of Choice" is now the Centre Of Excellence for Design and Technology. *LOL*

Why do I love "School Of Choice"? Because the environment is windy! Other than my friends, that seems to be the only reason.

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  1. Gee .. I love this one. And, I'm a Vice-Principal ... hi hi