Friday, 27 March 2009


16 is history now.

Now that I'm 17, which also means it's the start of my Poly education...1 more year to M18 movies and much much more...

Every year my birthday is just like any other day, I don't hold parties or whatsoever.

But my father will still buy a cake for me. This time round right after his work, he bought a fruit cake. I'm contented with that already.

I'm easily satisfied? You may say so. *lol*

Speaking about the fruit cake, although it was only a bit bigger than my hand size, but seriously it's enough for 4 people! The fruits...oh my...sweet and tasty. The cake...the cream...immediately melted the moment I put them inside my mouth...

Alright, enough crap.

Thanks Papa and Mommy! :)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Today, mrchoytraveller Turns One!

Hurray! My blog has finally crossed the 1 year barrier!

Now I shall write something about how my blog was born!

Everything started when a friend of mine introduced Blogger to me and encouraged me to start a blog.

At the beginning, I thought that creating an own personal blog was a tough matter. But then I realised, maintaining a blog and be a unique one was even tougher! I met obstacles when trying to keep my blog "alive" because most of the time I've no idea what to write!

There are times whereby I really wanted to give up this blog. As you can see, I can't write entries that impressed others due to my poor English standard. I kept trying, but failed eventually.

But I never once give up. Until now, I still write posts in English (although there were some written in Chinese) because I know, English is not something that I can master within one night...

I'm glad I didn't give up my blog because it has now become a part of my life.

Because of blogging, I discovered my interest towards photography.

Because of blogging, I know what are my aims in life.

Because of blogging, I truly understand more about myself.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009




完美里的 ‘完’ 有个 ‘元’ 字,也就是说想要得到完美,就必须付出金钱上的代价。

或许我最近收看了 《一切完美2》 才会有如此的感想,那也是因为这部电视剧实在太精彩了!较令我印象深刻的是戏里的一句对白: “太完美其实也是种不完美” 。




Monday, 2 March 2009


最近才刚看完 《蓝球火》 的最后一集,对偶像剧有了全新的看法。


《篮球火》 的诞生是台前幕后的工作人员的结晶,无论是主角、配角,甚至是甲乙丙丁,个个都功不可没。




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