Friday, 27 March 2009


16 is history now.

Now that I'm 17, which also means it's the start of my Poly education...1 more year to M18 movies and much much more...

Every year my birthday is just like any other day, I don't hold parties or whatsoever.

But my father will still buy a cake for me. This time round right after his work, he bought a fruit cake. I'm contented with that already.

I'm easily satisfied? You may say so. *lol*

Speaking about the fruit cake, although it was only a bit bigger than my hand size, but seriously it's enough for 4 people! The fruits...oh my...sweet and tasty. The cake...the cream...immediately melted the moment I put them inside my mouth...

Alright, enough crap.

Thanks Papa and Mommy! :)




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