Thursday, 16 April 2009

SP Flag Day 2009

I'm finally back after slogging out the whole day at United Square shopping mall.

Don't be mistaken, I didn't went all the way there to do shopping but to play my part and support The President's Challenge. My job is to raise funds through this donation tin.

It didn't turn out well for me in the morning. I thought everyone have to assemble at SP first before moving on to their designated location, but I'm wrong. After wasting 30mins or so travelling to SP, I spent another hour getting to Novena. People started at 8am or maybe earlier, whereas I begin at 9am. :(

I knew Square 2 is gonna be flooded with SP students, so I went to the opposite instead where United Square shopping mall is located.

So, let's get the ball rolling!

The spot where I was standing has a nice fengshui at the beginning, people are willing to donate $1 and even $2. But as time passes by, I can say there's no one donating at all...

So I moved to the entrance of United Square, but encountered the same problem. Most of them either ignore me or decline donation, even when it's 12pm aka peak period lunch hour, donations were still hard to come by.

Now I realised this is one tough task. My spine seems to be breaking after standing there for hours!

Soon it's 1pm which means time to head back to SP for calculation. My tin was like 1/6 full? Gone case!

But no matter what, I still wanna thanks to all the kind souls out there who contributed to my donation tin, resulting in a total sum of $36.50 + $1 Brunei note!

I know it's a bit less, but as long as I'm not the lowest I'm fine with it. After this "awesome" experience, I told myself, whenever I saw someone holding a donation tin, I will not hesitate and donate to them! :)


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