Sunday, 24 May 2009

SPC FO Camp, My First Camp In SP

For the past 2 days, I was having a SPC FO (SP Cyclists Freshmen Orientation) camp in SP.

I won't say it was very fun, but pretty okay in a sense. One of the seniors told me that it was their first time ever to organise this camp, so there's still room for improvement. Haha!

Just like any other camps, we played icebreaking for a start. Seriously I struggled throughout the whole process! For loner like me this is just pure nightmare. :(

But nonetheless I still made a few new friends. One of them is called Yi Win and she's from Myanmar! Also, she's my partner for the nightwalk.

Speaking about the nightwalk, it was frigging scary (I think I'm the only guy who got frightened). Here goes, it was 1.30am and both of us had to walk the route the seniors have shown us on the map. We have to walk across the building whereby the corridor was so narrow and dark, I can't even see my shoes! Along the corridors there were too many spots for the "ghosts" to hide, so we tried to walk as carefully as possible to avoid being scared.

Eventually we failed. We reached the checkpoint and a senior already stood there waiting, so I thought everything will be fine. But it turns out to be a trap! I walked a little faster towards him, neglecting the corner, then the "ghosts" popped out! @#$%! I got scared for the second time when Yi Win screamed at the top of her voice! Haha!

By the end of the nightwalk it was 2.30am, guess no one got anymore energy to play...

Next day we played quite a number of teamwork games.

One of them was really disgusting but also the most interesting one. They add fish balls, grapes, and raisins to a container, then filled it up with flour. The rules is everybody have to take turns to use their mouth and retrieve any of the items within a time limit. The fun thing is, your mouth and some area of your face will definitely come in contact with the flour! Of course, the team with the most items win.

However, that was only the beginning. The last epic food item that joined the rest was a RAW EGG. Goodness grief! I tasted the flour with the freaking raw egg yolk inside my mouth, the taste was so horrible that I immediately feel like puking on the spot!

Seriously, this is one "good taste" that I'll never forget.


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