Thursday, 7 May 2009

Time For A Change In Life

As far as I know, CCA has always been a thorn in my life.

But after walking around SP CCA Showcase, I joined 2 CCAs without any hesitation. Seriously, I'm pretty shocked about my decision.

In the past, I hate the hell out of CCA. I've difficulties in attending my CCA regularly even though I only have one, not to even mention two. But I believe people do change, so do I.

My only goal in choosing 2 CCAs is to achieve a balance in both leisure and sports. Yeah I think for now, that's the only reason.

I don't wanna be a person with no achievements in life, and since I've done pretty badly in my "School Of Choice" CCA, I shall recoup those losses in Poly.

I believe I can do it.


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