Thursday, 25 June 2009

At Last, The Good Old Times

Happy Birthday Jie Qi!

*LOL*! Our birthday girl having a great time with the chocolate cake...

A whole lot of people turned up! We played Dai Di, thanks Pei Qi, Josh and SQ for guiding me along during the game! :)

To be honest I didn't go there just to eat, meeting my old friends is the first priority after all!

From left to right : Asyraf, Jie Feng, Shao Qi, Mimi Marlina, Aliff and Hakim

Angeline (BF) and Me! =D

What's with my face? *lol* Haha Asy! The flashlight too strong? :) Out of the 3, WQ is the only one unaffected?!

好姐妹 - 碧碧与珍珍!

Hakim and me!

Jovi and Mimi!

Me and Mimi! Wow it rhymes. XD

Mimi! *lol*

“高嫂” 与我!

This is just so hilarious!

One thing for sure, we'll definitely meet again! ^^


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