Saturday, 18 July 2009

SP 1A Mid-Semester Test Results

It has been a long time since I last posted my school results. GCE O-Level result was the previous one, a sad one.

This time round, my first ever SP test results came out better than I thought! In fact, I'm quite satisfied with it (although I failed one).

Computer Programming - I expected a fail, so the moment I received the result, it didn't shock me much. I scored 37 marks. XD F

Engineering Materials 1 - All along I only understand bit by bit in this module, all the lectures to me are seriously boring to the core! The theory part especially...just kill me please. I scored 62 marks. C

Fundamental Mathematics - No doubt, taking A-Math during my secondary school wasn't a bad choice after all (even though I kept failing). It proved to be a great help for me this time. I scored 87 marks. A

Electrical Technology - All thanks to Mrs Kim Loh who did so much in maintaining my Physics foundation and thus, I remembered loads of Physics stuff even though I didn't touch them for quite some time. For this module, 4 students from my class gotten full marks! I scored 88 marks. A

Thermofluids 1 - Luckily the questions that I was expecting didn't come out, so I managed well enough. I scored 100 marks! AD (Distinction)

This is only the beginning, I must strive harder in order to excel in my upcoming first SP Semester Exam! :)



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