Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A "Mafia" With No Guns But Cameras

The 3rd SPP event was held at Haji Lane!

Guess what? Over 70 SPPers turned up!

Bicycle hanging on the wall.

Somehow I find that this event was like a challenge. I decided to come up with a title, it goes like this - 2 hours, 120 minutes, 7200 seconds, 1 single lane. How many acceptable photos can you take? Whatever, it's lame I know. *LOL*

Pattern graffiti.

A child graffiti.

Back to the main topic, Haji Lane is basically a lane full of shophouses. That day was seriously damn hot, causes me non-stop perspiration. But luckily there's a 7-11 nearby, just nice for a bottle of Coca Cola to quench my thirst.

Unlike any other places in Singapore, graffiti was seen almost at every walls along the path of Haji Lane. They were all nicely done masterpieces. :)

I shoot Richard, Richard shoot Hakim, Hakim shoot who?

3 guys using their palms to form a square. *LOL*

The dustbin cover is the mouth, the 2 holes were the eyes. Together they form a green face!

Single. Solitude.

Cross and Lock. Interlocking.

Falling down~

After that we reached Muscat Street, where the magnificent Sultan Mosque is located!

SPP rocks on!

Lastly, thanks SPP for organising this event! =D


eunice 2:09 pm, July 09, 2009  

wa nice artistic shots! Is that graffiti art on the wall? I didn't see that when I went there leh...

МЯСĦΦŸ 12:43 pm, January 01, 2014  

Thanks! =D

Yes it is, a whole lot of them. Check them out someday!


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