Wednesday, 23 September 2009

SP 1A Semester Exam Results

It's another once a year event.

A moment of truth that instantly determines who are the outstanding ones. I've gotten mine, no A but Bs, C and D. :(

Electrical Technology : B+
Fundamental Mathematics : B+
Thermofluids 1 : B+
Our Nation, Our World : B+
Critical Reasoning Skills : B
Engineering Materials 1 : C
Computer Programming : D

GPA : 2.792

If you're buying 4D, feel free to choose my GPA. "Nice" numbers that start with a 2 and end with a 2. Anyway, I'm quite surprised that I actually passed my Computer Programming, definitely the worst subject for me ever. I seriously wonder is there any leniency or moderation being done in marking Cprog paper? Or was it really a miracle? *lol*

Putting that aside, my results solely reflect how much effort I've put in, putting myself in an utterly terrible situation.

Next semester will be much tougher, with Mechanics 1 and so on, it's time to really buck up...



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