Saturday, 14 November 2009

IDEA : Barang Barang

There's this shitty module called Innovation, Design & Enterprise In Action (IDEA). From the beginning, I see no point in studying this module! The credit is only 2 and yet the time spent was much Much MUCH longer than other credit 4 modules!

One advantage was there isn't any exam for this module, so it doesn't require much memory work. All you have to do is pure researching and of course, teamwork.

Yeah, teamwork applies to all areas. Also, it allows me to work with my friends through assignments and market research.

First project for this module was Ethnography (Sorry, I've no idea what the hell was that). Basically, I followed my lecturer See Toh guidance and carry on with the project.

We need to choose a product, identify the brand of the product, identify the brand provider, visit a particular shop and see whether our desired experiences were delivered blah blah blah...

Okay, so me and my group members (Zhen Qi, Kaiser, Mark Lim the Guru) decided on Barang Barang, a furniture shop located at Plaza Singapura.

Before we do the visiting, we had our meal at Mos Burger. Yummy!

We don't know anything... *act innocent*

In the end, we chose this furniture named Burgos that cost $800+ as our IDEA product.

After that, we did some answering to a Post-Visit questionnaire. IT'S CRAP! Worse still, there's this question that asked us to identify the 5 senses of the product. RIDICULOUS. How are we going to answer SMELL, SOUND AND TASTE?! Leathery smell?! Creaking sound?! Tasteless?! *LOL*!

Because of that, while I'm doing the presentation I find it so uber illogical and extremely did this even begin in the first place?

You know, I'll just put 2 letters - N/A. NOT APPLICABLE!



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