Friday, 11 December 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua!

First of all, Happy 18th Birthday Joshua! :)

Don't get the wrong idea, the one in the middle (WQ) isn't the birthday boy! XD

Haha, you pose I pose too!

And the celebration's destination? His house! Thus almost the whole class gonna meet up first at Choa Chu Kang MRT. But before that...

That morning I woke up and for no reason I felt emo...and since I have nothing else better to do at home, I set off earlier to embark on a "Journey of Memories". It simply means me, alone, walking along the route that I believe it's the most memorable of all, the route that I walked during my secondary school life.

Yes, I started tearing when I saw that nostalgic route. No amount of words can describe my feelings. I've always wondered, why can't I just go back to the past?

Not long after my stomach began to grumble, I went to yet another nostalgic place - Kitchen @ Vista Point. It's been a year since I last came, and today was the perfect chance to try it again! Ordered what I've always ordered in the past - Sambal Fried Rice. I'm so glad, so glad that the tastiness hasn't changed at all!

After I filled my stomach, I wanted to walk the 6km route. It brought up the memories of my basketball CCA physical training, at that time we were told to run 6km to train our stamina! I can still remember I was half-dead at the end of it, but the coach continued our skills training right after that! Well thinking back, that was indeed crazy...

Nevertheless, those were part of my precious memories. In the end I didn't walk that 6km, the weather was simply too hot!

The time is almost up for celebration, reverting back to Joshua's house.

We watched Zombieland, kinda lame but sort of humorous during some parts.

Hehe I get to try out the keyboard piano and guitar!

Getting ready to place the cards...


We played card game and the forfeit was to drink water! We aren't allowed to go toilet and our stomach was like...bloated to the max! First time in my life that I drank so much PLAIN water!

*LOL* at WQ's expression!

The table WAS filled with delicious food, but it's empty now...good food gone fast and everyone knows that. :)

A chocolate birthday cake! How can we miss that?

Hope everyone had fun!



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