Saturday, 9 January 2010

SP 1B Mid-Semester Test Results

One thing for sure, everything is beginning to get harder...

Computer-Aided Drafting - Even though "School Of Choice" somehow specialise in AutoCAD, but I didn't touch on that at all. Miraculously, the result turns out to be better than I thought! I scored 74 marks. B

Electronics - Pinned some of my hope on this, but rather disappointed at the end. I scored 65 marks. C+

Mechanics 1 - One big problem module, it's pure physics! My simple brain failed to solve them...I scored 40 marks. F

Engineering Mathematics 1 - Pinned MOST of my hope on this one. I was so confident! And yet, it turned out to be like this?! I scored 79 marks. B+



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