Tuesday, 30 March 2010

DMA Singers @ K Box

My very first K Box experience, was given by a friend of Terence. He works there, and able to give us lobang. It's a deal and a steal! XD

The pricing was a deal for such a big room that has a pool table and PS3! Kinda like a steal though.

The K Box was located all the way at Pasir Ris, Downtown East.

Almost all the songs we picked were in Mandarin, including one of my favourites 《自导自演》 by Jay Chou. A couple of songs by F.I.R. were pretty good (and hard) as well! But when we were given 4 mics, nothing seems impossible.

At first I'm rather reluctant to go for K Box because I'm worried and mostly shy, to sing in front of everybody with my terrible vocal. But after I stepped forward and began my very first song, I realised horrendous-vocal doesn't matter, because the point is to enjoy yourself and let loose the "singer" in you! *lol*

Grab a mic and sing along with the rest! ;)



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