Friday, 11 June 2010


I applied for a job yesterday, and thinking that I won't be able to make it, I chose not to bring my bank book.

Not only you Chopper, I'm shocked too by this unexpected mess.

Today she called and told me to email her a scan of the first page of my bank book. By today. At first I misunderstood her point, I emailed her my bank account number instead. Not accepted of course, need to scan! I informed my friends and it was a real mess...

Worse of all, I've no scanner at home! I was thinking, maybe I've to take the trouble and go down to that place again and give it to her. Troublesome you know?

Luckily, photocopying shop became my savior. They provide scanning! It's a relief, because all I need was a thumb drive, a storage to store the file! But I realised my thumb drive was with Ah Gu, and my bro's thumb drive was with him but he went out!

I still got my last resort, PSP! Then I soon realised (again) my bro took it with him too...gosh what's this man?! I paced up and down wondering is there anymore storage device that's at least usable?! Then a light-bulb lighted up on my head, thank goodness, I still got my camera right?

Pathetically I took my bank book, the camera and its USB cable down to the shop. I paid $3 for that damn file and finally, settled everything... *phew*


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