Happy 45th Birthday Singapore!

Last year , the spectacular fireworks were unforgettable! This year, I invited BIbi Angel to go with me again. XP It's sort of a last mi...

Happy 45th Birthday Singapore!

Last year, the spectacular fireworks were unforgettable!

This year, I invited BIbi Angel to go with me again. XP

It's sort of a last minute thing, so I'm glad that she could come! ^^ We more or less chatted about our present life, something that just couldn't be explained through the net.

At last, I was able to return one 九把刀 and two 橘子 novels to her which I've borrowed for an entire year! XD

The first thing we saw were tanks waiting to enter Padang!

The Esplanade!

Today, and only today, that I've the chance to stand in the middle of a busy crossroad!

We reached the nostalgic and relaxing City Hall/Marina Bay, sort of expected packs of people.

The crowds continue to crowd every good-view spots, in the end we ended up viewing from a spot with a cute NO-FISHING sign!

What disappoints me further was the bridge view that was totally covered by a translucent white cloth! There goes all the best viewing spots... :'(

Mini forest...

Hmm... *dazed*

Taking snapshots of me, I lost my privacy to Bibi Angel for 29 times! *lol*

Muahahaha EPIC FACE! *LOL*

It seems like Bibi Angel is releasing her 1st album soon! Haha *LOL*!

You snapped me, so now's my payback time, my revenge! ROAR!

Red Lion.

Red Lions!

NDP2010 was held at The Padang and sadly for us, we camped at the wrong area. Nevertheless it was still pretty fun, the sky events were what I'm anticipating anyway! (And of course, including the fireworks!)

At last, the fireworks! It began at about 8pm sharp, I saw the stars and crescent moon fireworks! The fireworks had an awesome backdrop - Marina Bay Sands! Both of them made perfect night pictures!

Because of all this beautiful and precious moments that's keeping me going, despite the harsh realities, life is still well worth living for isn't it?

After hours of enjoyment, our energy need to be replenished immediately. So right after the fireworks, we went to pig out at Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe. Hold on, what about Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe? Actually they're "brothers", I just thought I couldn't use my X.W.H.K Cafe member card in X.W.T Cafe.

After a sumptuous meal, we headed back to Suntec Convention Centre to take the bus just like 1 year ago, but thanks to Bibi Angel's cute friend for informing us that the road was blocked and there will be no bus for the day. Thus, we hopped onto the MRT instead and that's simply the end of our good old times...

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