Sunday, 12 September 2010


Yesterday on the 11th was Hari Raya, and as expected the manpower in the store was kinda short. It's a Saturday, whereby the crowd is back to "slam" the store!

I want to apologise to this lady guest who asked for a particular apparel in S and M sizes, but sadly I was busy with my cashiering duty, and considering the freaking long queue directly in front of me, I told her to hold on first.

But the 'hold on' never get its reply.

Struggling with the transactions and never-ending queue, I caught a glimpse of her. She's still waiting and looking at me. But because the queue was super-long and seems forever, I did a very bad thing.

I chose to ignore her and act as if she isn't there! This is probably my first time doing something purposely to a guest in the store and the guilt engulfed me.

After a while (seems long to me), the queue miraculously became shorter, so I finally get the chance to check whether she's still there. Apparently she's not, I guessed she's either somewhere in the store or simply walked out feeling disappointed with me...



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