Sunday, 31 October 2010

Parallel Worlds : The Choice

Don't you agree that life, is filled with choices?

At any point of time in life, we came across choices and decisions. Choices, are meant to be chosen. Of course, only one choice out of an ocean of choices will be selected by us, the decision-maker.

Have you ever wonder if you've chosen this choice instead and not the other, then you'll have a better life or something? Yes, you may regret for choosing that so-called "bad choice", but what can you do when you've already made your choice? Probably that's your fate or destiny?

Things start to get interesting here. There are so many choices to choose from, and yet you select that "lucky one". But what about the other choices that you didn't pick?

Each and every choice formed a "scenario", and these "scenarios" existed. Not in this world this dimension, but at the 'Parallel Worlds'.

Each and every 'Parallel World' housed a choice. For example, If I choose to study hard, what will happen then? For this particular dimension, I chose not to. But in one particular 'Parallel World', I might be the top student or a scholar (for studying damn hard I assume).

Another more realistic example, If I choose not to chew and bite chopsticks when I was young, my teeth wouldn't be crooked! I envy my "another me" in another 'Parallel World' with a straight and beautiful white teeth.

Choices that people made also had a great impact on us. Everywhere you see strangers, but if one of them choose to befriend you, hey, you just gain one friend! But in another 'Parallel World', if that person choose not to, forever you'll not know that person at all.

Whatever choice you've chosen, it doesn't matter. In the end, you and your "other selves" in their respective 'Parallel Worlds' have to face all of them.


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