Sunday, 14 November 2010


Right after work, me and a couple of friends rushed to the much-awaited AFAX!

But by the time we reached, most of the booths have already started packing up, all the merchandises that I want were so popular that they were gone before I could even get my hands on them! :'(

It can't be helped, my work schedule clashed with the event... :'(

Nonetheless, we used what little time we had on our "exclusive photo shoots"! XD

Portrait of Pirates, I'm gonna collect them all!

On the second day, also the last day, I went back again. I told myself I must get something out of this event, if not I'm gonna feel so disappointed and regretted the very next day!

In the end I spent $187 in less than an hour, bought a Clalaclan Philias Armor Ver. figurine and a Utawarerumono wall scroll!

For the figurine I purchased it at the Toy Coin booth, and I get a chance to strike their lottery. Unfortunately, I didn't hit their jackpot - a Zoro P.O.P figurine (DAMN!) and gotten a Black Butler photo poster instead.



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