Saturday, 25 December 2010




地铁站尤其,人多的地方更不用说,都是传单分发者的 “巢穴” 。一看便知是在帮某某公司打工分传单,可以说是一种宣传手法吧,浪费的那种。。。

老实说,我还蛮开心的。遇过无数传单分发者,但只有少数会跟你道谢,有些甚至还摆一张臭脸,一副 “你不拿就恨死你” 的样子。我觉得无论做什么工,都要有一定的热忱,这样不只对自己好,对他人也好。

我接过那张半个 A4 又色彩分明的传单,用几秒的时间看了一下,然后眼前是个垃圾桶,就顺手把它扔进去。它的下场 99.9% 都是进垃圾桶,也就是它的 “葬身之地” 。其实一路来我都对传单里的内容毫无兴趣,当然这也不例外。


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

USS Mystery Santa


My working place, USS (Universal Studios Store), held a staff Christmas event called 'Mystery Santa'. The format was lots-drawing, you drew a number and you pass your present to the number-holder! Buy anything under 20 bucks accompanied with a wishing card, the fun thing is you've totally no idea who's gonna receive your present!

I guess this is my first time getting a Christmas present so properly done! =P

Haha XuQiang got Mei Lian a "house". A storage with an exterior look of a house!

Before heading for the event, a group of us hung around VivoCity gathering more "supplies" and watched Sammy's Adventures in the meantime.

Team Mei Lian! We sure had fun "decorating" our ASM with toilet papers. *LOL*

At The Bull Ring, right outside Universal Studios Singapore, stood a HUGEEEE Christmas tree! We played a game whereby the whole lot of us were divided into 2 teams - Team Mei Lian and Team May, objective was to "decorate" them with whatever we can find within a time limit!

And finally, my Mystery Santa was Cheryl! Thanks for the gift! ^^ As for me, it was Amelia! Hope she likes my Twilight gift. :)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Festive Hotel Singapore

After Hard Rock Hotel, Ah Yi brought us to another RWS hotel - Festive Hotel!

The festivity colours, that family-feel, just the way we like! :)

Yay my bro and my Mom were with me this time round! :)

Few more days to Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS! ^^


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