Sunday, 20 March 2011

SP 2B Semester Exam Results

Financial Management For Engineers : C+
Design And Fabrication Project : B
Microcontroller Technology : C
Report Writing And Presentation : C+
Statistics : D
Engineering Mathematics 2B : D+
Industrial Automation : D+

GPA : 2.077

This is by far my worst semester. In terms of results, yes. But MOST importantly, was how this semester, specifically the modules and people, 'slapped' me with such a huge impact.

A prototype. We have to fabricate something similar, with a different design of course.

The most annoying module certainly was 'Design and Fabrication Project'. As the name suggested, 'Design' and then 'Fabricate' your design. We split into groups and there we go, to create a working scaled forklift model. It was definitely a lengthy and frustrating process. I'm glad it's over.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Today, mrchoytraveller Turns Three!

I've been blogging for 3 years, how time flies to be honest.

From time to time, changes spanned across all sorts of things. People, lifestyles, cultures, and even my blog, it's natural and healthy to change for the better.

But certain things should remain as how it is, if not it'll somehow loses its "original flavour". That, in the long run, is painful to see.

I've taken a new approach to my blog, moving towards what they call a 'Photo Blog', which I'll be focusing more on my photos, especially when now I've started collecting figurines.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday mrchoytraveller! ^^

Friday, 4 March 2011


在外流荡了大半天,人累腿更累。回家之前,在购物商场买了 KFC 大的爆米花鸡和大的薯泥当作午餐慰劳慰劳一下自己。

到了家,立刻坐在电视机前享受一番。刚好是两点左右, 8 频道正播着 《好儿好女》 ,离上次看 8 频道的连戏剧应该有很长很长的一段时间了吧?


身为公公的陈澍承,地位当然是家里最高,坐在长方形饭桌的 CEO 位子。二叔刘谦益就坐在他旁边,而儿女们则坐在饭桌左右两排。

郑各评与林梅娇夫妇带着儿子回来一起住,而二叔就有点散风点火似地说其中一定有古怪。不过,他也补上一句 :“三代同堂住在一个屋檐下,一定很开心!” (大致上差不多这个意思,我记不起他所说的完整台词。)

当时坐在电视机前观看这一幕的,有我的公公,我的爸爸,还有我,讽刺性地 + 的的确确的三代同堂!




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