Sunday, 20 March 2011

SP 2B Semester Exam Results

Financial Management For Engineers : C+
Design And Fabrication Project : B
Microcontroller Technology : C
Report Writing And Presentation : C+
Statistics : D
Engineering Mathematics 2B : D+
Industrial Automation : D+

GPA : 2.077

This is by far my worst semester. In terms of results, yes. But MOST importantly, was how this semester, specifically the modules and people, 'slapped' me with such a huge impact.

A prototype. We have to fabricate something similar, with a different design of course.

The most annoying module certainly was 'Design and Fabrication Project'. As the name suggested, 'Design' and then 'Fabricate' your design. We split into groups and there we go, to create a working scaled forklift model. It was definitely a lengthy and frustrating process. I'm glad it's over.


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