ITP In Tuas (With Tweets!)

As you all know, all polytechnic students are required to attach themselves to a particular company related to their course of study, so as...

ITP In Tuas (With Tweets!)

As you all know, all polytechnic students are required to attach themselves to a particular company related to their course of study, so as to 'experience and also prepare us for the workforce in the future'.

Being an engineering student, it's no surprise to be attached to an engineering company. But little did I know that the company I was attached to, is based in the deep west of Singapore - Tuas! Even though the school did mention to find a company close to your residential area, but still, it hurts to go all the way to Tuas. And me staying in the north just make it worse! I've to wake up earlier than I usually do so as to catch the FIRST train! Otherwise, I would be late for work. :(

Even though this Industrial Training Programme (ITP) only lasted slightly more than a month, it was tough and at long last, I've pulled through!

I've also tweeted every single working day from Mar 7 - Apr 16 2011, a total of 36 days. Enjoy reading!

1st day of work : 8 hours of work felt like 88 hours. (Mon Mar 07 13:51:03 +0000 2011)

2nd day of work : I broke their machine sliding door and jammed the milling machine. Before I left, that guy is still fixing it. Good game f (Tue Mar 08 09:25:01 +0000 2011)

3rd day of work : Broke their drill bit... (Thu Mar 10 09:13:32 +0000 2011)

4th day of work : It takes 41 seconds to drill a hole. Repeat this step for 8 hours. (Thu Mar 10 09:15:32 +0000 2011)

5th day of work : Stressed up working with that guy... (Fri Mar 11 16:26:55 +0000 2011)

6th day of work : At the very last minute before going home, 1 workpiece chaotah-ed by the drill bit. What a sight! (Sat Mar 12 12:56:10 +0000 2011)

7th day of work : Whoever suffers from insomnia should try QC. (Mon Mar 14 13:53:45 +0000 2011)

8th day of work : Again, did the QC-cures-insomnia thingy. (Tue Mar 15 22:49:48 +0000 2011)

9th day of work : Vernier caliper and radio telephone have now become my best friends! (Wed Mar 16 14:07:54 +0000 2011)

10th day of work : Bad day, I'm so gonna hate milling metals. Demoralised... (Thu Mar 17 09:35:01 +0000 2011)

11th day of work : Not bad, at least complete milling those damn metals. (Fri Mar 18 09:52:14 +0000 2011)

12th day of work : I'm wondering, am I helping or "helping" to destroy? (Sat Mar 19 14:43:05 +0000 2011)

13th day of work : Reeks of coolant smell again, EVERYDAY. (Mon Mar 21 16:00:17 +0000 2011)

14th day of work : I'm surprised someone said good morning to me, glad that humans do exist HERE! (Tue Mar 22 14:19:03 +0000 2011)

15th day of work : This place has won itself a title of being "The Most Lifeless Zone On Earth". (Wed Mar 23 13:52:02 +0000 2011)

16th day of work : For the first time in here I felt fulfilled. Had fun too! (Thu Mar 24 15:20:00 +0000 2011)

17th day of work : Machining is time killer no. 1! (Fri Mar 25 15:21:36 +0000 2011)

18th day of work : 4 hours is nothing if we are doing machining. AND, 3 MORE WEEKS TO GO!!! (Sat Mar 26 15:56:08 +0000 2011)

19th day of work : I'm SO CLOSE to doze off, NEARLY entering a dream... (Mon Mar 28 12:27:26 +0000 2011)

20th day of work : Music in his right ear and a cup of Milo on his left hand, still a total defeat to QC! (Tue Mar 29 14:56:40 +0000 2011)

21st day of work : Never in my life I'm looking forward to a time so much, 4.50pm is such a perfect moment. (Wed Mar 30 14:06:02 +0000 2011)

22nd day of work : The 2 ladies who did QC and paperwork EVERYDAY for months, probably understood what nightmare was. (Thu Mar 31 14:10:03 +0000 2011)

23rd day of work : Zero stress! (Fri Apr 01 10:01:44 +0000 2011)

24th day of work : WOOHOO exactly 2 weeks left! (Sun Apr 03 15:10:06 +0000 2011)

25th day of work : Seriously, this has to stop. Where you Bumblebee???!!! (Mon Apr 04 14:47:27 +0000 2011)

26th day of work : I thought my hand wasn't mine anymore after all the writings. AND, pay CMI still have to minus, want us to eat bones? (Tue Apr 05 14:46:16 +0000 2011)

27th day of work : Kudos to them, their perserverance are way beyond godlike. Their (over) dedication shamed me, I should learn from them... (Wed Apr 06 14:20:07 +0000 2011)

28th day of work : On MC. No tweet.

29th day of work : On MC. No tweet.

30th day of work : 50 pieces need write 8 reports, copy and paste but still gosh! (Mon Apr 11 14:51:48 +0000 2011)

31st day of work : ON LEAVE! (Mon Apr 11 14:58:15 +0000 2011)

32nd day of work : Suddenly QC don't make me feel as tired as before. Maybe it's already the last week? :-D (Tue Apr 12 13:54:55 +0000 2011)

33rd day of work : It's all about QC and copy and paste this week. (Thu Apr 14 23:09:34 +0000 2011)

34th day of work : Judgement Day, WTF~~~!!! (Thu Apr 14 23:13:59 +0000 2011)

35th day of work : Time without wings is a thousand year old turtle. Is it even moving? (Fri Apr 15 09:25:04 +0000 2011)

36th aka LAST day of work : I'm VERY SURE this moment is perfect. Too sure about it. *raised both hands high up in the sky* (Sat Apr 16 04:24:18 +0000 2011)

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