Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Your Attitude, Your Altitude

I'm sure there are many more out there much much worse that this simpleton, but too bad he disgusts me.

Here's a picture of the world's highest rooftop bar - 1-Altitude. Now that's altitude.

Let me clarify first, he didn't do anything wrong to me. But I couldn't let it go when he talked bad behind my lecturer's back. Oh no no no don't be mistaken, I'm not really that close to my lecturer, I'm just trying to do him some justice here.

Okay so here's what happened. This simpleton, whatever let's just name him *FIL (Failure In Life). He's definitely under my lecturer in terms of rank (and power), so that's why I believe he can only talk behind his back.

Me and my friend was partnering in a lab exercise, wiring the circuit onto the boards. My lecturer demo each and every wire connections and explain using "alien language" at the same time, I admit I don't understand completely.

So here we go and started our exercise, if there's anything we're unsure about a particular connection we'll simply go and "check out" how the rest connect. Finally we're done. But there's something wrong with our Ammeter/Voltmeter, the display simply goes off very quickly, probably need a recharge. We seek help from our lecturer and he KINDLY asked *FIL to come take a look and see what happened. OMGOSH, *FIL's face was as black as an over-barbecued pork! I'm not sure whether my lecturer noticed, or he just act blur and pretend he didn't see it, but I think he doesn't want to start his day nasty, especially when students are around.

Of course, anybody in their right mind will somehow sense that something's wrong here. Shortly after, the "almighty" *FIL came back to our station, speaking in Chinese-mixed-English-mixed-Hokkien.

"Do you all understand what the hell he's talking about? I can ask any primary two student and tell them to wire this and that, you all are poly students. Waste my 2 hours here FUCK! What is this? *points at 1 of the circuit boards and honestly we don't know* Hong kan liao lor, hong kan liao! That's why I don't check his (my lecturer) circuits, he don't know how to teach. I can teach you all in 1 hour and you walk out of this lab understand everything. Better come back for free access if not your lab test gone case."

WTF?! I'm taken aback by his abrupt "confession" towards my lecturer till the point I'm speechless! Real speechless.

Now who the hell does he think he is? Where the hell is his basic respect? The "almighty" is young and mighty, looks to be in his thirties. Much younger than my lecturer, come on at least show my lecturer some respect!

Perhaps something happened previously between the two of them, but based on that incident alone I'm definitely standing on my lecturer's side, get that? Even if his teaching method was spoon-feeding or whatever crap you may say, at least his attitude is GOOD and he's rather patient with us.

I pity you *FIL, a failure in life who need vulgarities and low-class attitude in order to let people know you even exists. Sad to say, you and your pathetic attitude will never ever reach that altitude.


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