Friday, 2 March 2012

Last Phase

After what felt like an eternal struggle, I entered the last phase of this painful journey - Final Year Project. I remembered on the first day we went through a process I called 'Selection'. My classmates and I stood anxiously waiting for the different projects that were about to unveil before our very eyes, which we have to select one of them and be prepared to work our ass off on it whether you like it or not.

Next arrive the supervisors of each project explaining what they want to achieve and so on. One of the supervisors caught everyone's attention - a male Caucasian. I thought it will be interesting to work with a Caucasian, but to be honest I just want to interact with one. The project was the least of my concern.

In the end, after a short interview with 亨利 and another local supervisor, I got myself into the project!

However, I certainly didn't expect there was a side project waiting for me - to create a user-friendly guide on how to operate the robot. I was told to carry on what the previous student has done so far.

Long story short, the guide did not come into existence.

Back to the main project, it was done at this workplace located at the far end of the institution, sharing the facilities with 2 other teams. They were supervised by Soon Y.B, "Hydra" and Mr Ryan. Who exactly is "Hydra"?

Other than being serious in my assigned project, you will find me playing mobile games such as Kartrider and Scramble with Friends. Furthermore, I went to the nearby libraries to read the entire collection of Slam Dunk and watched "Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea". It was truly time well-spent in my opinion.

Days gone by and I somehow managed to come to the stage whereby our prototype could be put to the test. It didn't go so well.

Fast forward, even as I wonder "what am I doing" every single day in my poly life, I have reached the end of my final year!



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