Thursday, 22 March 2012

[P.O.P] One Piece 'Strong Edition' Franky

Portrait of Pirates One Piece Excellent Model Series 'Strong Edition' Franky

Manufacturer : MegaHouse
Producer : ATTM
Series : One Piece
Material : PVC
Scale : 1/8
Height : 20 cm
Castoffability : Removable guns, cola, sunglasses, hammer and hand
Purchased From : ToyCoin
Purchased Price : SGD$115

I think SGD$115 was a rather good price. I mean, just look at his "armory". Still not convinced? The box and Franky himself, as massive as Jinbe!

Up close, just how distinguishable are these "hands"?

Swim brief aside, I couldn't open that stomach hatch of his. Well no cola for you then, Franky.


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