Thursday, 19 April 2012

[GSR] Racing Miku 2010 ver.

Racing Miku 2010 ver.
Sculptor: Sakurako Iwanaga (Shokubutsu Shoujoen)
Original: Racing Miku
Height: 20cm
Year: 2011
Purchased From: Toy Coin
Purchased Price: SGD102
It's kind of weird to post this Miku in the year 2012. Though she was released last year... 
Check out the video that I did: 

Brilliant isn't it? The idea of placing their company's logo over there. O_O

There's a spanner as well, but it somehow got "abandoned" from the rest of his fellow "tool-mates". Thankfully there's a hole on the spanner, so what I do is I insert it onto the long white tubing that is basically one of his "tool-mates".

I'm totally loving this pair of tight stockings, hot and sexy!

Awesome metallic heels!

I like how cute and delicate she is. ;)


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