Monday, 9 April 2012


It's been nearly a year since the last time I visited Kukup.

A 2 days 1 night trip, which (in my opinion) is basically enough time to spend in Kukup. There's almost nothing to do there in the day, just slow down and relax. Which is good, the non-stop sea breeze as though carried "powders of sleeping pills".

I travelled with my brother, my mom and Ah Ma(and her gang of obasans). They're teachers, and they can chat about anything under the sun and simply laugh out loud. I wish I could be like them.

We took off in a van, not as comfortable as the previous one but still okay.

About an hour, we reached Kukup and settled our lunch first at a seafood restaurant. It's a full table of my Ah Ma's gang of obasans, I can't bring myself to eat a lot and eat what I want under such awkwardness...

After my stomach was filled to a certain level, we hang around while waiting to go to the resort. In the meantime, checking out a couple of stores nearby.

Here we are, the Blue View Resort. It's the one that we decided to stay (if we ever come again) last year, due to the main reason that this place was so much closer to the sea! It's really awesome, staying by the sea.

The 4 of us stayed in a 8-pax bedroom, while the gang of obasans stayed in a full-glass view bedroom! *envy*

We went to kelong again. They sell quite a sum of locally produced dried food, which we don't really see them often in Singapore.

For dinner, it was super-duper sumptuous. I mean it, the owner isn't stingy in the amount of good food she cooked!

In the night, is the highlight of every Kukup trip - Fireworks! The resort has this nice open space on the roof level facing the sky, which is brilliant!

The sky Lantern we set up last year was a huge failure. This time round with the help of the owner's daughter (Taiwan Mei Mei ^^), it "rises and soar" successfully. May our wishes come true! ;)

With these sticks, casting 'Avada Kedevra' is no longer impossible.

One must really learn to enjoy, just like "contagious-laughter". Maybe it's just me, but I just don't seem to enjoy with a bunch of strangers around...


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