Friday, 11 May 2012

[P.O.P] One Piece Limited Edition Boa Hancock Ver. PURPLE

Portrait of Pirates One Piece Excellent Model LIMITED Boa Hancock Ver. PURPLE

Manufacturer : MegaHouse
Sculptor : Ajiken
Original : One Piece
Material : PVC
Scale : 1/8
Height : 22.5 cm
Castoffability : No
Purchased From : CDJapan
Purchased Price : SGD$153.90

Poor Boa. A rather obvious, big spot of painting on her belly was rubbed off. To add on, her hair was scratched! And her face seems a little "pale", so I'm wondering whether is her painting supposedly like that or what? :O

I don't really mind minor faults, since they can't steal the greatness and beauty of the figurine itself anyway. As the old saying goes, 'Nothing Is Perfect'.

For a Japan Version that is rumoured to be "the better ones", Poor Boa proved otherwise. It doesn't matter whether the figurine itself was "packaged" as a Japan Version or International Version, they're the same to me.

Perhaps you just need that bit of luck to get an almost-perfect figurine.

Lovely pair of legs, so smooth and delicate...



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