Wednesday, 20 March 2013


A few days after my BMT POP, I received a notice to report to my new unit - Military Police (MP) Command.

Over the next couple of weeks, I was a basic course trainee at the Military Police Training School (MPTS) located at Mowbray Camp. It is a very stringent unit, where abiding by the rules and carry oneself in the most disciplined manner is the norm.

Surprisingly during that period, I also met Yeow Meng who was a trainee in the specialist course.

The training was mainly drills, and honestly they were very anal about this. We also did close-combat, policing lessons etc. Of course, we have live range as well. This time round, we used P226 pistol which was definitely lighter and less stressful for me. I had better accuracy, despite being a Bobo Shooter...

In the blink of an eye it is our POP.

Before the parade, in my No.3. I'm kinda shy to be honest, as my Mom and Dad will be watching me closely!

During the parade I marched a little too fast and had to take 2 steps back at the end, right infront of the audience! *facepalm* It was captured on a video that I saw on that day, but unfortunately I couldn't find it anymore.

Somehow I wasn't as elated as I thought I would be after graduation. A quote from one of our commanders, "the amount of joy you feel when you graduate reflects the amount of effort you put in during your training".



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