West Coast Park [REVISIT]

11 YEARS! Gosh, it's been 11 years since I last set foot in West Coast Park .   So, why am I back again? It was for an assignment that I nee...

West Coast Park [REVISIT]

11 YEARS! Gosh, it's been 11 years since I last set foot in West Coast Park.
So, why am I back again? It was for an assignment that I need to submit for a photography course. The theme was to 'capture the motion of children playing in Singapore'. As I don't have any friends with kids (neither do I) to "experiement" the theme on, the first thing that came into my mind was 'playground'. And for some reason, 'playground' leads me to West Coast Park. *lol*
In the morning I brought my parents to Old Airport Road Food Centre to have Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee. My mom loves it. It's kinda our staple food whenever we are there.
By the time we are done with breakfast and reached West Coast Park, it was already a sunny afternoon.
Don't you think this looks like a "space shuttle"?
Well, there weren't as many kids as I thought on a Saturday. Even when there were kids playing, of course the adults are around to supervise them. That makes it doubly hard for me to snap some pictures as I certainly don't wish to make myself becoming a person of agenda by approaching them.
I'm pretty disappointed to be honest, but regardless (and sneakily) I managed to get some results (although not fantastic!).
Seeking a Playmate (Fast shutter speed).
The main subject in this photo was the little girl alone on the swing, at a playground in West Coast Park. Contrastingly, at the other end of the swings was a man assisting a child to swing to greater heights. As the little girl look towards them while swinging, I thought “what could be going on in her mind at that point of time?” She may be glad to have someone to assist her on the swing as well, hence the caption: ‘Seeking a Playmate’.
Hanging on (Panning, slow shutter speed).
In this photo, 2 boys were having a great time at a playground roundabout that is in West Coast Park. The main subject here was the boy back facing the camera. He was as though “hanging on” to the metal bar, trying not to fall over as the roundabout continues to turn.

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