Thursday, 13 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 1

I simply don't understand "School Of Choice".

During my Sec 1 and 2, I always believe "School Of Choice" is the best in the neighborhood. During this 2 years it was my most glorious and happiest time spent there. But as I move on to Sec 3, the joyous moments seem to crumble and gone. One by one the best teachers left "School Of Choice", leaving behind a few capable ones to "save" it.

True enough, I couldn't find the same "joyous moments" again. Teachers that once taught me before in my lower sec have changed and became irresponsible, biased and all sort of qualities that a teacher shouldn't have.

Here's an example : *Miss Kanasai was considered as one of the best teachers around during the time when I was in Sec 1, whereby she taught me Math and I felt really enthusiastic going for her lessons. My Math was really good, and I proved myself by getting A1 grades most of the time. She gave me a nickname by calling me Mr. Choy, joking around as though I'm also a Math teacher. I'm okay with that.

Over the next 3 years she continue teaching me. But all of a sudden I don't seem to be able to keep up, resulting in my Math grades dropping. I don't understand, those who are good in Math deproved whereas those who are bad in Math improved and gotten high marks!

This is when things started turning nasty. *Miss Kanasai began to be biased, she turned to the better students instead. You know what she said to me in front of the whole class? I cannot be called as Mr. Choy anymore! All because my Math wasn't as good as before. That was so hurting! :'(

I'm in Sec 4 now, I understood every single thing. Especially for E-Math, my class was divided into Band 1 and Band 2. Band 1 is for "potential" grade A1 students, taught by *Miss Kanasai. Ironically, for someone who aren't fit to be called as Mr. Choy anymore met the requirements and sorted into Band 1!

One of my friends *Ganny didn't do his homework but his E-Math was kinda good, just that he's lazy. *Miss Kanasai kept on reminding him that he's slowing the class down and wanted to transfer him to Band 2!

What?! I can't be in my good mood anymore after hearing all her craps. *Miss Kanasai fancied the girls and picked on the guys, all because the girls are much more hardworking than us, and their grades are better than us. If that's not bias, then what is?

On that day I felt like crying. Really.


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