Friday, 14 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 2

CCA, also known as Co-Curriculum Activities, is compulsory for every students.

I started engaging in sports when I was in Primary 5. Since I've never trained in Basketball before, I chose "School Of Choice" as my 1st choice, mainly because their basketball's standard are pretty good, since they got into North Zone top 4 every year.

The requirement score for "School Of Choice" Express stream was 189. I got in with my aggregate score of 204. Thankfully, there were 2 others in my class who are also interested in joining Basketball.

Getting into North Zone top 4 was no laughing matter. The trainings were freaking tough, lots of people quit after a few sessions. I stayed on, and so do my 2 other friends.

My attendance was regular throughout the first year, I even got into the school team! I'm really happy, the experience was great! Teamwork, Friendships and not forgetting Hardships!

As time passes by, I grew bored of this CCA. Perhaps I'm not dedicated enough, I started skipping trainings in Sec 2.

Sec 1 - 97%
Sec 2 - 63%
Sec 3 - 52%
Sec 4 - 0%

Mr. Ben, my CCA teacher-in-charge at that time (he had already left "School Of Choice") "chased" me whenever I skipped, because CCA attendance contributes to CCA points (which is very very important!).

The reason why I keep skipping was I loathe the people in the team. I felt so uncomfortable with them. They look down on you when your skills are inferior to them.

I struggled, but managed to survive till Sec 4. During this period of time, there was a change in my CCA teacher-in-charge : *Mr. Talkcock and *Mr. Ball. They sucks. The sight of them turns me off.

Once in a while I will (unwillingly) go for the training. Why am I forcing myself to stick with the people that doesn't matter to me anymore? All I want is an enjoyable school life!

Then happens one thing which I will never ever forget. I went to one of the trainings during Sec 4, the coach told us to do Layups. Pretty easy uh? But as you know my skills have gone rusty for months, so I was kinda stupid when handling the ball. "Go train your Layups before you learn other skills, even your bouncing got problems." One of the seniors made a remark in a sarcastic way. That tone of his, ***k!

At that point of time, I've given up hope in this CCA.


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