Saturday, 22 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 8

Recently I attended a D&T course.

It's all for the sake of my Presentation Board. Although this course was paid through Edusave, but I think $65 was a pretty hefty sum for such a course. In other words, it's NOT WORTH the money at all.

The course was held for 4 sessions, and I only attended 2 of it. One out of the two didn't even exceed 15 minutes. Pathetic? You may say so.

First session was by "forced" as *Mdm Sand "confidently" ensures me "why not go now? Not many people over there!". Well I listened to her, but what I got in return? 10 more people came in. Including the 5 people already inside the room, that would be a total of 15 people? See ya then.

Session 2 was alright, the trainer kindly helped me and drew my product. That's the last time I ever talked to him. $65? You got to be kidding me! The room was so cramped with 1 pathetic trainer entertaining countless of students. Unless the trainer is Superman, there's no way he can handle everyone within 3 hours!

I've to move forward somehow. So the next few days I was busy increasing the number of pages for my D&T Journal.

To be honest, my Journal is 3/4 done without *Mdm Sand help. She just can't be trusted most of the time. The D&T Head of Department (HOD) Mr. Tan, advised his Class 4E2 on which part to elaborate for their Journal. Whereas my dear *Mdm Sand, I've to ask her personally for questions. If not, I bet she would still hang around chit-chatting with the girls.

Whatever, she's not the only D&T teacher around anyway.



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