Friday, 21 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 7

Aren't teachers supposed to lend us a helping hand? Or at least give us a bit of guidance?

However, I encountered a case today which proved this statement wrong. As the deadline is near, I need to hand in my product as soon as possible. But because I listened to my D&T teacher *Mdm Sand, my product is by far the "perfect junk". I saw away the unwanted parts and realised the cut-away area was flawed.

I told *Mdm Sand about this. Here goes the conversation :

Me : "Teacher, look at this part. How to solve this problem?"

*Mdm Sand : "How it become like this?" (Usually she will ask first)

Me : "Erm...I cut the bended part away and it turned out like this."

*Mdm Sand : "Leave it like this." (She said it with a grumpy face and a can't-be-bothered tone)

Me : "Like this can meh?"

*Mdm Sand : "Of course cannot." (She laughed slightly upon finishing her statement)

Did you see that? It was so obvious that she can't be bothered to help me. At that point of time, I lost hope on her.

*Mdm Sand is NOT dependable. The only people I can depend on are my friends and myself. She did give me telling me to make a new one. For the next one hour, I managed to make a new one with the help of my friends! Sadly, the finished product wasn't as good as the first.

I can't stand *Mdm Sand when she looked at me with that detestable expression. ARGH!

Seriously, I don't enjoy doing D&T in "School Of Choice" AT ALL!



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