Friday, 16 May 2008

Chinese Intensive

Day 1

Today's the start of Chinese Intensive, basically it's just some "hardcore drilling" on our Mother Tongue.

I was re-banded to the same class. It's better this way, I prefer my original teacher! :)

Surprisingly Xiao Yun didn't change class. The class without him will be kind of...boring! Intensive is seriously no joke, it was like a real exam. We've to do and complete tons of Chinese papers! By the end of the day I couldn't feel my hand... :(

In order to prove myself, the work which I've done and marked will be posted here because I wanted to see how much I've progressed throughout the whole Intensive.

德景中学 MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 11/20
德景中学 MYE 2008 Paper 2 : 39.5/70

Day 2

Same as yesterday, we've to do loads of Paper 2 and Composition. Sadly loads of homework were given, and I used 4 hours to complete them. :'(

I really hope that O Level is taking place right now, so I don't have to endure the Intensive and be done with it. I'm tired, I felt like giving up... :'(

德景中学 MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Compo) : 28/50

Day 3

Today's rather special I guess? The pace is slower, not as strenuous as yesterday. The first period was simply going through our results, and I got myself position 12 in class. Luckily for the results, a certain percentage of the marks were added in from CA1, if not I'm gonna fail 5 subjects! I'm like on the edge of the cliff, struggling to pass...

Anyway after going through our results, there's this boring event taking place in the hall at 10.45pm - Woodgrove Idol. I knew it was going to be "torturous" to sit there and listen to "music", so Jie Qi, SY and I stayed in the class instead. Almost everyone was in the hall, and I bet they were suffering! (except for the contestants)

This is the first time I skipped a school event, but I'm enjoying though. I "tried" to complete my Chinese homework during this period of time, but my handphone is soooo tempting that I played with it until the event ends.

As expected everyone complain about the bloody event, and they look so drained out. I'm freed from torture once again! After school, I stayed back for more Intensive and went through the mistakes we made (some were really hilarious!) for Letter Writing.

Cedar Girls' Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 12/20
GreenRidge Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 12/20
2006 'O' Level Oct/Nov MYE 2008 Paper 2 : 38.5/70



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