Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mid Year Results

Got back my results for my Mid Year, as expected it's terrible to the core! :(

English Paper 1 : 31/60
English Paper 2 : 23/50
Chinese Paper 1 : 43/70
Chinese Paper 2 : 42/70
E Math Paper 1 : 59/80
E Math Paper 2 : 48/100
A Math Paper 1 : 37/77
A Math Paper 2 : 29/100
Combined Science (Chemistry) Paper 2 : 14.5/65
Combined Science (Physics) Paper 2 : 40/65
Combined Science Paper 1 : 24/40
Combined Humanities (Social Studies) : 23/50
Combined Humanities (Geography) : 25/50
D&T : 31/100


English : 49/100 D7
Chinese : 66/100 B3
E Maths : 61/100 B4
A Maths : 34/100 F9
Combined Science : 46/100 D7
Combined Humanities : 48/100 D7
D&T : 31/100 F9

L1R5 : 37

L1R4 : 28

To be honest, I'm not demoralised at all. There's nothing much I could do anyway, what's done is done. Before I receive my results, I'm already mentally prepared. Perseverance is important to me at this point of time.

My poor performance could even lead me to 'Meet The Parents' session! But, I don't give a damn.

When I reached home and read the newspaper, I was shocked. The 7.9 level earthquake that happened at China Sichuan was painful to see. We are really fortunate to be able to live in Singapore, a safe and sound country. We should appreciate more instead of grumbling more.

Think how other countries are working hard to solve the problems they are facing, think how lucky we are.

What could their sufferings compared to mine? I only failed my exams, and chances are it's still possible for me to get better results. But once a life is lost, it's lost.



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