Monday, 26 May 2008

O Level Chinese Exam

26th May, the day whereby I took my first ever O Level paper - Chinese! The Chinese Composition question wasn't what I predicted, but I think it's fine? Though I'm really worried about the score, but I can't change the fact anymore...

I did my exam in the school hall, much spacious and well ventilated as compared to the humid and "pressurised" classroom.

Before Paper 1 officially commence, my hand was shaking in fear because I'm afraid I paste the barcode wrongly. But I managed it anyway by overcoming my fear in 1sec!

In overall, Paper 1 was alright but I'm not confident in getting good marks from it. Paper 2 was alright as well but I've doubts regarding the answers I wrote.

After my exams, I called my father to take a trip down to school to meet my form teacher Mdm Radiah. Not that much of a problem she said, but in my eyes were just "courtesy words". My overall rank in class was unbelievably high. My L1R4? Not even worth mentioning. All I've is B, C and E grades. What a joke!

The session lasted about 10mins and I "happily" receive my Report Book.

I felt like burning it away.



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