Sunday, 1 June 2008

My Horntail Necklace

Many thanks to DragonIce, Warrior9911, Pinsy, fellow HTers and MH for my HT Necklace! Yup finally I got hold of a HT necklace without spamming any pots! Well that's how they do the service. Pinsy's Horntail batch is a pro batch, they spent an hour+ and the job is done!

This is my second time buying service. My computer, sadly, couldn't handle such high bandwidth gaming, so I don't really have any choice. Same as the heavily-wanted Zakum Helmet, Horntail Necklace is a must-have for every Mapler. I told myself, even if I quit Maple, I've to get this necklace before I quit.

Handing over my account to another Mapler was a gamble and an extremely risky move, because I don't know him/her and he don't know me either! If my account get hacked, everything goes *poof* and all my previous efforts will be gone...

Anyway I'm so relieved right now.



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